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Holy Life-Giving Trinity Church in Rusino.



Belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church. Built on donations from local peasants in 1882. 

Церковь Троицы Живоначальной в селе Русино

From the "Historical and Statistical Description of Churches and Parishes of the Vladimirskaya Eparchy" in 1898:

The current five-domed stone church with the same meterial bell tower and a fence built  in 1882 by the peasants Timofey Malishev, Ivan Kuranov and Prokopiy Gusev.

One-altar church - in honor of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity.

Church owned buildings: stone entrance chapel built by the parishioners on the site of burnt wooden Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God church.

The parish consists of the villages Rusino, Sazhino and Koluberevo.

Since the mid-1920s at the temple there is a female monastic community of nuns and novices from closing at that time monasteries. Most nuns arrested in 1933. 


November 3, 1937 arrested and sentenced to death a priest of Trinity Church Nikolai Smirnov.


February 29, 1940 by the decision of the Regional Executive Committee in Ivanovo Trinity Church is closed.


In 1941 and during World War II church was used as a barracks for prisoners who worked in the logging.


Since the 1950s, gradually destroyed.

Троицкая церковь села Русино 1972

Photo 1972

Троицкая церковь села Русино2005

Photo 2005 

2013 - the church is in emergency state.

Церковь Троицы Живоначальной села Русино 2014

Photo 2014 

2014 - initiated conservation and restoration work.

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